Purpose. Women Lawyers of Alameda County (WLAC) established the Margaret A. Gannon legal education stipend fund to provide financial assistance to help offset some of the costs of a bar review course (or related study materials) for law students and graduates who are preparing to take the July 2021 California Bar Exam. 

Eligibility. Individuals eligible to receive a WLAC Margaret A. Gannon legal education stipend must: (1) join WLAC before or at the time of submitting a stipend application; (2) have already applied to take the July 2021 California Bar Exam; (3) not currently be a member of any state bar; and (4) intend to pursue a legal career. 

Funding. Up to four $2000 stipends will be awarded at the WLAC Spring Member Reception, tentatively set for the early evening in early May 2021, in the East Bay. WLAC will contact each of the stipend recipients with information as to the reception date, location, and time. Note that the reception is usually on a Wednesday or Thursday evening. 

Application. Please email one PDF file that contains: (1) the latest version of your resume including your best contact information; (2) a one-page personal statement (limited to no more than 600 words) describing your professional goals, your involvement with women’s issues— particularly with law-related organizations, such as WLAC, and why receiving this stipend would be important to you; and (3) include the following language at the bottom of your personal statement, along with your dated signature: 

Statement of Certification. The information given by me on the attached resume and this personal statement is accurate and complete to the best of my knowledge. I understand that all application materials submitted will become the property of WLAC. 

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