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SF Superior Court Accepting Nominations for Bench Bar ADR Committee

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The San Francisco Superior Court is accepting nominations for appointment to its Bench/Bar ADR Committee, which is dictated by CRC 10.783(b). The main function of this committee is to coordinate and oversee the Court’s Judicial Arbitration Program, pursuant to CRC 3.813(b). Nonbinding arbitration is mandatory in certain cases pursuant to C.C.P. 1141.10 et seq, and the Court recruits and manages panels of arbitrators that are appointed in these cases.

Membership of the committee will include “[t]wo or more active members of the State Bar chosen by the presiding judge as representatives of those attorneys who regularly represent parties in general civil cases before the court, including an equal number of attorneys who represent plaintiffs and who represent defendants in these cases.” (CRC 10.783(b)(1)(D).)

The Court is seeking a diverse group of candidates who are willing and able to devote sufficient time to accomplish the Committee’s work. Please see this letter from Presiding Judge Garrett L. Wong which contains information about the committee and how to nominate an individual to serve on this committee.  The deadline to submit a nomination is June 15, 2019.


Header photo of Lake Merritt, Oakland, by Daniel Ramirez, courtesy of Creative Commons License