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WLAC gives SIX Scholarships at Annual Member Reception

by Mary S. CainSimon and Bentrish Satarzadeh

WLAC once again enjoyed hosting members, both old friends and new, at the Annual Member Reception.

Judges Yolanda Northridge and Robert McGuiness graciously welcomed our organization at their lovely poolside garden and retreat. We enjoyed delicious hors d’oeuvres and wine donated by our members, as we relaxed and enjoyed talking law with our members, guests, and our supportive local judicial officers.

Every year we gather, and renew our acquaintances while we refresh our commitment to advancing the goal of supporting women in the legal profession. This year was no exception, and we move into the summer with more determination than ever.  As a concrete example of our organization’s commitment, this year, we awarded not three, not four, but six Margaret A. Gannon Legal Education stipends!  Several years ago, our past board member and dear friend Margaret Gannon was first inspired to initiate a stipend fund to assist deserving young women law graduates in studying for the bar.  Because of the exceptional response to the “raise the paddle” fund-raiser at our annual Judge’s Dinner, we had enough in the coffers to help a few more recipients breathe a little easier as they faced this summer’s bar exam.

If you attended the reception, and feel stoked about getting more involved with WLAC, please contact us through our website!

WLAC’s Scholarship Recipients and their backgrounds:

Antionette Rodriguez

-UC Hastings College of Law

-She was an extern to the Hon. Yvone Gonzalez-Rogers in the US Districted Court, Northern District of California

-She was raised by generations of Mexican women. Her mother and grandmother were survivors of domestic violence which inspired her to be a domestic violence counselor.

-She currently works at UC Hastings Legal Advice and Referral Clinic.

-As a fluent Spanish speaker and brilliant lawyer to be-she intends to be a bridge that connects women to the justice they deserve.

Deborah Awolope

-UC Hastings College of Law

-She worked as a certified law clerk for the Alameda County Public Defender’s Office

-Raised in Watts, CA—She never underestimated her strength. She says that although I was puny in size, I felt like Goliath as she fought from a young age on behalf of herself against hate, mistreatment, and inequality. What really bothers her is the amount of young Black and Latino males that are stuck in the criminal justice system.

-She intends through the practice of law to be part of the solution to eliminate inequality especially within her own community.

Karla Malagon

-UC Hastings College of Law

-She worked as an extern from the US Attorney’s Office in SF as well as a certified law clerk for the Ventura County DA’s office

-She intends to be a trial attorney and legislative advocate. This August she will begin her legal career at the Alameda County Office of the County Counsel where she will litigate government based issues.

-her supervisors often comment that she has an unusual degree of confidence—which will serve her well as she studies for and takes the bar exam.


Emmaline Campbell

-UC Berkeley Law School formerly known as Boalt Hall

-She is the chair of the City of Berkeley’s commission on the status of women. She was appointed by the mayor to this nine-member board that helps develop city-wide policy to advance women’s rights.

-she has also interned at both SF and Alameda County’s DA’s office as well as working at the US attorney’s office in Oakland

-She plans to be prosecutor and she intends to continue her tremendous involvement in the community in advancing women’s causes.


Cara E. Alsterberg

-Golden Gate University

-She worked in Washington DC at the united states department of justice, in the office of immigration litigation. She plans to go back there to start her career.

-She also externed for Justice Richard R. Clifton of the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals.

– It was a trip to Honduras that began her legal career where she helped build community centers for villagers. There she learned that she wanted to be part of a greater impact to help people, which is why she decided to pursue a career in the law.


Theresa Brick

-Golden Gate University

– She is currently working at the Women’s Employment Rights Clinic where she counsels low-income workers in a variety of employment related matters such as wage & hour violations, and labor law violations.

– Her intention for her practice is to work with low-wage workers with an emphasis on women and those without legal status in the US. She plans to be an advocate for the voiceless and to implement safeguards for these vulnerable populations.

Header photo of Lake Merritt, Oakland, by Daniel Ramirez, courtesy of Creative Commons License