Young Lawyers Association (HHK)

HHK are the initials of Herma Hill Kay (1934-2017), a lawyer who was a pioneer among women in law and was the former dean of Berkeley Law. The Herma Hill Kay (HHK) membership category in WLAC was instituted to honor Dean Kay and provide a special forum for women who are at the start of their legal careers.

HHK membership is available to all law students and recent California Bar admittees (0-5 years). HHK/WLAC membership is free for law students and for attorneys in their first year of admission to the California Bar; HHK/WLAC membership is available at the reduced rate of $40/year thereafter. Events specifically for HHK members are held 2-3 times a year; HHK members are also encouraged to attend WLAC’s other events throughout the year. General WLAC events provide a way for HHK members to meet and network with more experienced women practitioners in diverse areas of the law.

WLAC has also endeavored to mentor law students when the opportunity presents itself. We have previously engaged in a mentor program with LEOP at Hastings.  We are working to build our mentoring program.

If you are a WLAC member and are interested in mentoring a law student please let us know!

Header photo of Lake Merritt, Oakland, by Daniel Ramirez, courtesy of Creative Commons License