WLAC Member Nominated to Federal Bench

WLAC is pleased to announce that Araceli Martínez-Olguín, whom WLAC endorsed for federal judge in the Northern District of California, has been nominated by President Biden to the bench. We

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Mentorship Program

WLAC Mentee Survey

Law students and new attorneys (0-3 years out) can request a mentor. Please help us structure our mentor program to best meet your needs.

WLAC Mentor Survey

Attorneys 4 or more years in practice: become a mentor! Please help us structure our mentor program to best meet our mentees’ and your needs.


October 6, 2022
6:00 PM – 9:00 PM

Monday, March 28, 2022

Check Back for Future Date!

Tuesday, May 10 

Margaret A. Gannon AwARD

Margaret A. Gannon Legal Education Stipend Application

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Funding.  Up to three $2000 stipends will be awarded at the WLAC Spring Member Reception.  



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WLAC has created the Reproductive Justice Summer Fellowship to fund a Bay Area law student working to increase reproductive rights, particularly for women and communities of color. The details of the $6,000 summer stipend will be made available soon.

We invite you, our WLAC members, to join the fight by donating to support the first-ever WLAC Reproductive Justice Fellow.