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Women Lawyers of Alameda County swore in their 2018 board of Directors at their annual Judge’s Dinner in October 2017.

The board is very excited about all of the activities and important events coming up in 2018. Please check the right-hand side for a list of all our upcoming events…we look forward to seeing you there!

Upcoming Events

Thu 29

Mediation—Does Gender Matter?

March 29, 2018, 12:00 pm - 1:30 pm


UC Berkeley Chief Campus Counsel

The University of California, Berkeley invites applications for the position of Chief Campus Counsel. Home to more than 30,000 undergraduates and more than 11,000 graduate students, Berkeley is internationally renowned for excellence and pioneering achievements across...

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Women’s Equality Day

Today is Women's Equality Day.  First designated by Congress in 1971, to commemorate the certification by the Secretary of State of the 19th Amendment, the day is a symbol of the continued fight for equal rights.  Here's some food for thought from New York. Recently a...

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Women Lawyers of Alameda County

*** Celebrating #WomensHistoryMonth2018 ***

Meet Annie Coker....

Annie Virginia Stephens Coker was born in Oakland, California, on April 7, 1903, to William Morris and Pauline Logan Stephens. Annie attended public schools in Oakland. Her family moved to Pacific Grove, California, where she graduated from high school in 1921.

Annie later attended the University of California at Berkeley and received a bachelor’s degree in science in 1924. Encouraged by her father to attend law school, she enrolled in Boalt School of Law at UC Berkeley and earned a degree in 1929. At that time she was only the second woman to receive a law degree from the school and the first African American woman to complete the program. Annie passed the California Bar in the same year and became the first African American female attorney in California.

The doors of most law firms in California were not open to African American attorneys in the early 1930s. Annie moved to Alexandria, Virginia, and maintained a private law practice there for almost a decade.

In 1939, Coker ended her law practice and returned to Sacramento, CA. Realizing that government service offered more opportunities for female attorneys than private practice, Annie joined the State Office of Legislative Counsel as a junior deputy legislative counsel. She worked her way up to head of the Indexing Section. There she compiled all of the state codes, kept them current, indexed all bills pending before the legislature, and rendered legal opinions about the proposed legislation.

Annie retired in 1966, after 27 years of distinguished public service. At the time of her retirement, she was recognized as the attorney with the most longevity at the State Office of Legislative Counsel.

Annie Virginia Stephens Coker died in Sacramento on February 17, 1986, at the age of 83.

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Women Lawyers of Alameda County

*** Celebrating #WomensHistoryMonth2018 ***

Meet Judge Lillian Lim...

Lillian Lim graduated from Western State University College of Law (now Thomas Jefferson School of Law) in 1977. She was California Justice Department State Prosecutor specializing in fraud cases.

When she was appointed to the bench in 1986, she was the first Filipina American Judge appointed to the bench in the United States.

She was a founding officer and member of the @Asian Pacific Bar Association of California, Pan Asian Lawyers of San Diego, and Filipino American Lawyers of San Diego. She is also a past President of the California Asian American Judges Association.

While sitting as a judge, she was a member of a task force sent to California’s inland empire to resolve or try civil cases in an effort to reduce the civil trial backlog. She was also selected to serve on the Chief Justice’s criminal “Strike Force” and again sent to Riverside County to resolve or try cases in an effort to reduce the criminal trial backlog.

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