The WLAC Board is disappointed to announce that our annual Judges’ Dinner for 2020 has been canceled to ensure the safety of all who would attend.  

With that door closed, we open a window of hope to young women graduating from law school in this difficult time. This year, we take the unprecedented step of tripling the number of recipients of our Margaret A. Gannon (“MAG”) Legal Education StipendThe MAG Stipend is a fund dedicated to providing financial support to graduating law students who find themselves in great need during their bar studies.  We have already awarded four MAG Stipends to outstanding women in our community.  We will now expand our reach to others in need.  

We invite you to empower women graduating during a time of financial crisis and sparse opportunity.  Please donate what you would have paid for your ticket, what you would have pledged as a sponsor, whatever you can spare, to encourage young attorneys entering the profession in the face of so many challenges.   

We know that next year our Judges’ Dinner will be a spectacular time to celebrate the way we came together to support the ambition of women in a time of adversity.  Please be a part of it.

If you want a glimpse of the good that these scholarships provide, we invite you to congratulate the first four recipients of the MAG StipendILEANA ARANDA (U.C. Hastings), NORJMOO BATTULGA (Golden Gate), CHLOE CZABARANEK (Santa Clara), and LARISSA DAVIS (U.C. Berkeley).  Read more about these extraordinary women.




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One Thought About Honoring Justice Ginsburg

We lost one of the greats when Ruth Bader Ginsburg died. Her tiny stature belied the immense impact her long career had on women’s rights. Justice Ginsburg was a warrior who used patience, consensus, and her incredible intellect and strength to push tirelessly, to remove barriers for women.

We can all be inspired by Justice Ginsburg’s words of wisdom for women lawyers:

Work for what you believe in.

Pick your battles.

Don’t burn your bridges.

Don’t be afraid to take charge.

Think about what you want, then do the work.

Fight for the things you care about.

Enjoy what makes you happy.

Bring along your crew.

Have a sense of humor; a little goes a long way.

Thank you Justice Ginsburg. We will do our best to make such a difference.

(WLAC, written by Helen Hoeffel)


As a tribute to Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, California Women Lawyers has joined with local, statewide and national women’s bar groups in California and across the nation to present an online celebration of Justice Ginsburg’s trial blazing life and work.

This unique event brings together speakers from Justice Ginsburg’s inauguration, her work as a pioneer for equal rights, her time as a law professor and her work as a jurist.

In conjunction with the speakers, participants will hear from a selection of women bar leaders speaking about the impact Justice Ginsburg made on their organizations and their work.

Please join for this powerful event on Thursday, September 24, 2020 at 5 p.m. PDT. Registration is required.



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